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Episode 131// Mysterious, Rebellious Potential

February 10th, 2015

Sweet loves,

It is so good to be with you here. I had an AMAZING trip to California last week and cannot wait to share the yoga videos I made there for Yoga Anytime with you.

Today's class is an open-level hatha yoga class focusing on this wonder-filled waning moon time we find ourselves in at present. We call on our capacity to appreciate potential, mystery, darkness and our rebellious spirit in this class. It was a lot of fun to teach and I hope you feel the LOVE of this community of practitioners.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your practice here. I appreciate you. Where-ever you are in space and time, I love you for just being here.

Jai Mystery Moon!


Clarity: The At-Home Retreat// A SUnrose Yoga Production


I hope you will join us for Clarity:: the mid-winter at-home retreat. We have some FANTASTIC collaborators on board and I cannot wait to share this with you. As always, this retreat is a free experience. To sign up, click here. Clarity begins on February 28th.


Thank you for the sweetest emails in the world, dear friends. I LOVE hearing from you. We are a family! Keep ‘em coming.


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